Well, that was a blast of fast. The monodash is officially over!

If you procrastinated, there’s always next year. Although the application is closed, the fun is just beginning for us. We can’t wait to read your rapid fire answers and, if they’re 🔥, you’ll hear from us by April 2nd, 2018.


the deets

Q. Who’s running this thang?

A. the monodash internship is brought to you by mono.

Q. Will this internship be paid or unpaid?

A. Paid. (cash or bitcoin, pick one.)

Q. What are the dates of the internship?

A. June 4 – august 31, 2018

Q. Full-time or part-time?

A. 40 hours a week full enough for ya?

Q. Submission Deadline?

A. March 16, 2018

Q. When will you hear back from us?

A. April 2, 2018

Q. Who can apply?

A. Any post-graduates who have graduated by May, 2018.

Q. What’s one thing you’ll definitely get to do if you intern with us?

a. The joy of explaining that mono is an agency and not a kissing disease.

Q. What else should you expect?

A. real client work, smart, friendly mentors, highly instagram-able patio lunches, a week off over the Fourth of july to recharge (we call it Midsummer’s Dream), free gum and a multitude of LaCroix water flavors, stunning 360-degree views of the city (sunsets!), and much, much more.

Q. Will you have to do menial tasks, like fetch coffee?

A. Heck no. Except you may want to get yourself a cup or two to fuel your ideas.

Q. What’s the best advice for interns at mono?

A. If you’re going to play music in the office, 90’s hip hop is always a safe bet.